Tuesday 6 April 2010

Kicking Things Off

Corporate Coaching

One of my 2010 goals is to increase the proportion of corporate coaching I do. As part of that effort, I'll be writing more Working World newsletters for you, with lots of free content, but I'm interested in your ideas. So - straight off the bat - thinking about your life at work - what help would you like? Just reply to this email, and jot down your thoughts - I'd love to hear from you, and I promise you a personal reply. Here's what's already available and free at my website:

The general purpose phone coaching sessions - suitable for corporate or private clients. Book an exploratory initial sessionhere.

I'll be publishing lots of free useful stuff in the newsletters to come, but first I'd like to understand what you want to see. So, find a bit more about corporate coaching below, then I very much welcome your feedback.

What Would You Change at Work?

My corporate clients use their coaching in various ways.

Improve personal skills around conflict, bullying, shyness, career progression: promotion and pay rises, confidence, nervousness, presenting, report writing, strategic thinking, metrics.Improve Management skills to facilitate happier, more productive staff, fairer meritocracies, deal with difficult people, improve motivation, delegate more effectively.

My clients' coaching is paid for in either of two ways. Some clients pay for their corporate coaching themselves, because they see the value of that investment in their working lives, which occupies half their waking lives and determines their financial and other aspects of their well-being. In these cases, the employer has no relationship with me.

For other clients the coaching is paid for by their employer, who recognises that their people are their biggest asset and their largest opportunity to make their business better in every way. In these cases, our relationship a bit more complicated. The brief may come from the employer and they may want to monitor progress closely to retain control and to assess value for money. In other cases, they may prefer a hands-off approach. As long as all parties understand and agree to the arrangement, I'm happy.

Corporate Coaching versus Training

It's easy to see why corporate coaching is so much more effective than training:



Minimal Disruption

Coaching usually takes place by phone. It's a 45-minute call once a week, and that's exactly the size of hole it punches in your working week. There is no time away from work or from home. You can be coached at your desk. Training usually requires at least half a day out of work. It may involve being offsite the whole day or longer. It may disrupt your personal as well as your work life.

No Travel Expenses

Self-evident - no travel - no travel delays or costs. Green! Variable, but if not in-house, often considerable.

Focused on Your Agenda

Coaching is one-on-one, and bespoke. I will work specifically to your brief and with you, personally - in mind. Trainers bring a prepared agenda, and they plough through it. There is often consideration given to the specifics of your company culture, your specific circumstances and personal needs.

Highly Interactive

It's more of a conversation than a lecture. We can spend much of our time exploring your thinking and reservations around what we're trying to accomplish for you. Skepticism, confusion, fears - are all addressed openly and completely. There is limited scope for question and answer, and usually, things have to be kept
at a high, non-specific level in order to retain the engagement of the audience.


Sometimes there are delicate issues to address, and these can be dealt with thoroughly and with respect and sensitivity in the coaching session. Difficult inter-personal issues can be fully explored and custom solutions developed. In a classroom setting, delegates will find it impossible to surface sensitive issues with the trainer. At the very least, this is a huge lost opportunity; it may also lose delegate buy-in and commitment.

Minimal, Controllable Commitment

Your commitment to your coaching arrangement is ONE SESSION, and in fact, my money-back guarantee means that you can claim a refund if you didn't find it useful. So, you can maintain a suck-it-and-see approach for as long as you like. You can stop it, go it alone for a time, start it again, and keep going like that - totally controllable. Getting a trainer in is usually expensive, and it's a fixed commitment. You get on,
it travels its course - you get off. You get what they sell - take it or leave it, but you will be paying for it, and when it's over,
it's over.

For all these reasons, corporate coaching offers a superior solution to making people happier and more successful at work

Frequent Questions

    How much does it cost? The price is £80 per 45-minute session plus the cost of the land line call, but for March only, to kick-start this new drive, I'm discounting £20 - to just £60 a session 
    What qualifies you to offer this service? I spent 17 years as a manager in the blue-chip multi-nationals Texas Instruments and EDS so I know a lot about how things and people work, and why they sometimes don'tI have started three successful businesses of my ownI have been a freelance lecturer and a private tutorI am a professionally life coach, and have taught leadership coaching for Europe's largest coach training organisation. I've been in coaching practice since 2003, and I've just published my first book.I have about 190 testimonials form very satisfied customers which you can review here.
    Why should I risk trying this? Firstly, there's no risk. You pay in advance, but my money-back guarantee says that if you're not happy with any session, you may claim a refund. Secondly, you're welcome to an initial chat with me so you can assess me and these services further. So - there really is no risk, and a great deal to gain.
    What about confidentiality? I am accountable to the fee-payer and (if different) you. If required I will keep both abreast of progress and issues arising. However, I must also build a personal relationship with my clients, and understand the issues they are facing, so I need to promise them confidentiality too, and I may not share all of the insights I gain from them with you if, for example, it might threaten their relationship with the fee payer. In all cases, the work I do is confidential to your organisation - I won't share that with anyone. If you have special accountability criteria, then I am happy to follow them if both you and your staff are also happy.
    Why can't I do this for myself? Well, if you are doing it, and it's working, and you're happy with it, then you don't need me. But my training, experience and external perspective will often make me someone who can take you to places you cannot get to as quickly or at all on your own.
    How long would I need you for? Some clients' projects are completed in as few as four sessions; others take far longer. You're always in charge, and of course, you can end our arrangement whenever you like.
    Do You Coach Face-to-face? Yes, but it's far more expensive. Please contact me to discuss options.

What Now?

If you are someone who wants to be happier and/or more successful at work, then you could take this further by:

Ask questions or give me feedback here or book an initial consultation with me. Or forward this to your boss to see if they might want to finance your corporate coaching If you are a business owner or supervisor and you can take this further by:

Deciding which staff you want me to help then exploring that optionwith me by replying to this emailIf you would like help managing your business or your staff, you might book an initial consultation with me.

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