Thursday 19 August 2010

Patience & Courage

Hello Karen,

I noticed your comment about time & money not permitting you to hire a coach, and with that in mind, you might want to see the video here:

Your other common is also very interesting to read. I agree that our lives tend to be too busy. I have an allotment to tackle that one, I limit TV, I don't read newspapers, and I reserve my mornings for solitude, and I abhor almost all TV advertising.

Sometimes, making big spaces and getting good exercise are all it takes to heal a mind and a life. But sometimes, different tools are required. "The way of the world" is an interesting concept, because no two people will agree on what that way is. I think the NATURAL WORLD has its own way, and pace and truths, and they are elemental. My allotment teaches me that I'm not in control, that I will have to wait, that I must work hard, and I really value all of that (and the raspberries). Acceptance of what is  because it is - is a very valuable skill to learn, but - as the old saying has it:

"Grant me the grace to accept what I must,
the courage to change what I can,
and the wisdom to tell the difference"

. (or something similar). Most of us lack the wisdom and the courage and the tools.

In your case, your survey scores tell me you're too busy, not making progress your work/life balance is way off, you're bored, low-paid, stressed and you want to change your job. That's almost a full set Karen!

Now - do you need the grace to accept what you cannot change, or the courage to make the changes? If you're looking for the latter then I can help you.

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