For most adults, work will consume nearly half their waking life.

Work can be so much more than a way to pay the mortgage. It can be the place where you find meaning and life purpose, where you grow into a better human being, where you learn wonderful new things, meet wonderful people, and work in a team to accomplish fantastic goals.

But for most of us it's none of those things.

It's a daily grind, a reason to hate Mondays, a dread and a misery in our lives which bleeds over into our evenings and our weekends - into our confidence, happiness, relationships and world view.

This BLOG is for you.

My 17 years as a amanager in blue-chip multinationals, coupled with my 7 years as a professional life coach provide me with powerful tools to help you make your working life better.
  • Get noticed, gain promotion, pay rises and power
  • Lower stress and enjoy the experience of work
  • Build stronger, more healthy working relationships
  • Manage your time far more effectively
  • Run better meetings
  • Manage staff better
  • Build happy productive teams
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