Monday 1 August 2011

If You're Not Happy at Work - Right NOW - Read This


As I work more and more with clients on their working lives, it's increasingly clear that the issues we face are fewer and more consistent than in personal coaching.

A massively common issue is facing the fact that you're in the wrong job and can't or daren't get out, but that's not the topic of this post. (I can help you with it though! Let's talk)

But if you want to stay where you are, and you want help in making things a whole lot better, then it almost always comes down to  unmanageable workload, which causes stress, cripples work/life balance, and eventually leads to burnout.

The issues driving the unmanageable workload are:
  • Inability to delegate effectively
  • Inability to manage upwards and sideways
  • Poor personal effectiveness
If you feel "it's quicker to do it myself" then you're in a trap which will limit your progress permanently.

If you daren't say "no" (carefully!) then you're in another trap.

If you do not run a diary, a task list, or plan your working week, then you're on the treadmill and that's another trap.

Whichever trap you're in (probably more than one) - then you'll find that you don't have enough energy or focus to get traction on anything strategic. You're always fire fighting, rushing to meet crippling deadlines, and the really big, fun opportunities will continue to elude you.

If that's you, I can help you like I've helped so many others. My corporate clients have include consultant surgeons, school headmasters, teachers, nurses, staff nurses, admins, managers or all kinds, and individual contributors who want to be happier and go further, faster.

If you want a far nicer life at work, then let's get going. Your boss might even pay for your coaching! Send them to this page.

To explore your options, discuss your uncertainties, or to sample what's on offer, it'll cost you £10.

Here's where to press GO and make it happen.

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