Monday 15 August 2011

You Have The Big Ideas But They Earn the Big Bucks?

So you're thinking big and they're thinking small. Particularly annoying when they're paying you small while they rake it in.

I help a lot of people in this position. Very often, the key, as with so many aspects of human happiness - is to leverage self-interest. It's not that IU'm cybical - but it's a fact - we all have it - it's genetic - so you can bank on it being there.

In these cases, you try to find out what your bosses care about. I don't mean in the corporate lip service sense, I mean in the mucky personal sense. What would get them off the leather boogying down the corridor?

If they're still in rat-race mode (as most of us are), then that means pay and/or progression. They get those by giving the company more of what it needs, and so we're usually back into corporate goals, and that's where you new tactic comes in.

Show them how your vision can give the company more of what it says it wants, and implicitly, gives your bosses more pay and progression. Show them how they can use you to get what they want. The logical outcome is promotion & pay increases for you. Oh, and a lot of hard work and fresh challenges, which I'm guessing you're more than up for.

So - start talking in those terms. It's sometimes a super tanker, so it'll be a while before it pirouette a 180, but if you keep it up, you'll get there.

Of course, all this pressure will be polite, deferential, and couched in whatever dialect of corporatese y'all speak down there :o)

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  1. The thoughts sound pretty nice! Thank you for sharing. :)